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Article: From Idea to Success: Narelle's Barossa Body Journey

From Idea to Success: Narelle's Barossa Body Journey
Barossa Body

From Idea to Success: Narelle's Barossa Body Journey

From Idea to Success: Narelle's Barossa Body Journey

In this inspiring interview, Narelle Lane, the creator and founder of Barossa Body, takes us through the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial journey.

From battling self-doubt to crafting unique skincare products, Narelle's story is a testament to determination and resourcefulness - which is truly inspiring to anyone embarking on a similar path.

Starting your own business is a dream for many, but it often comes with a series of challenges that can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. Narelle Lane, the creative mind behind Barossa Body and a founding member of our Makers & Merchants Collective is here to share. How has she overcome these hurdles to bulid a thriving brand in the competitive skincare market?

What were your challenges of starting from scratch?

“The two biggest challenges I faced when starting my own business were believing in myself and backing myself in. Like many entrepreneurs, I grappled with self-doubt and hesitated before diving into the world of business. With no prior experience, it was a daunting leap..

Narelle Lane | Founder/Creator | Barossa Body

Barossa Body Narelle Lane

Funding was another significant challenge. Product-based businesses often require upfront investment for product creation, base ingredients, tools, packaging, and more. Narelle started Barossa Body with a growing family, adding financial pressure to the mix.

However, she learned to start small and grow incrementally, a strategy that proved sustainable and manageable while working a full-time job.

What have been some pivotal turning points?

As Barossa Body transitioned from idea to reality, Narelle highlights several key milestones that played pivotal roles in her journey. One such milestone was seeking guidance from two different business coaches to refine her vision. Defining what made Barossa Body unique in the saturated skincare market was essential, and these coaches helped Narelle solidify her plan.

Barossa Body Narelle Lane

“The RDA (Regional Development Australia) B2B program also provided valuable resources without significant financial outlay. It allowed me to tap into a network of experienced local professionals, building and improving my business acumen.”

Creating connections and getting her products stocked in retail outlets was another turning point. It increased the visibility of Barossa Body, especially for customers interested in natural or locally made products. Narelle acknowledges that Makers & Merchants Barossa played a crucial role in marketing her products both online and in-store.

Barossa Body in Makers & Merchants Barossa popup store, Tanunda

Participating in business networking groups offered learning opportunities and insights from fellow entrepreneurs who shared their growth experiences.

How have you approached growing your customer base? 

“Growing my customer base involved a multi-faceted approach. Social media played a significant role in expanding the reach of my Barossa Body products, attracting customers beyond the local market. However, consistent activity on social media can be challenging, especially with a full-time job.”

Stocking products in retail outlets such as Makers & Merchants' Pop-Up store, the Barossa Visitor Centre, and boutique retail stores has allowed customers to experience the products firsthand. This is a valuable opportunity for those who might not be active on social media or familiar with Barossa Body.

Standing out in a competitive market - how do you do it?

“In a crowded market, standing out is crucial. Barossa Body's unique selling proposition lies in its use of plant-based Australian native ingredients as hero ingredients. This is combined with small-batch production in my renovated studio in the Southern Barossa. Ingredients like Davidson Plum, Kakadu Plum, and Lemon Myrtle, along with scientific backing, set Barossa Body apart.”

Narelle's commitment to perfecting her products before launching, including a 12-month trial phase, speaks to the brand's dedication to quality and effectiveness. She has displayed patience and trust in her brand vision.

What lessons do you want to share for aspiring small business owners?

“I can't  emphasise the importance of self-care and recognising signs of burnout. Wearing multiple hats is a given for small business owners, but taking time for yourself and family is crucial to prevent exhaustion.

Joining business networks or groups will also provide valuable insights and save time and money by learning from others' experiences. Lastly, thorough research before starting a business can save effort and resources in the long run.”

Barossa Body Hand Wash
Thanks for providing such sage and honest advice Narelle! 

Narelle's journey with Barossa Body serves as an inspiring example of how determination, resourcefulness, and a commitment to quality can lead to entrepreneurial success.

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