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Article: For our Mums

For our Mums Makers & Merchants Barossa
Mother's Day

For our Mums

When it comes to mothers, we are lucky to have such great role models in our lives. Our founder Shelley treasures her Grandma + mum Jill (pictured above). With many friends and family - these are the women who raised Shelley and her sister with love and care, enjoyed travelling together, creating memories and supporting as they grew their own families.

Some of our team members have their own mothers (and daughters!) working alongside them, which is a unique and special dynamic. 

Bianca & Katrina have helped share our collective in-store since we opened in 2020, even Shelley's mum Jill also lends a hand with Audrey in store from time to time.

We've more recently welcomed Gemma and her mum Jan to the team...with Gemma having her first child this week - making this an extra special Mother's Day!!

We have lots of mums on the team— Bec, Katrina, Laura, Jan and Gemma...and did you know that 90% of our collective are female-led businesses? They’re all bloody superwomen.

They’re amazing, hardworking women, and wonderful friends who have gone above and beyond for their families.

Black Cat Gins represent a well-deserved treat for any busy Mum and recognition from her (adult) children that a cold cup of tea in bed in the morning doesn't do the occasion justice anymore.

team at Black Cat Gin

Special thanks to Diane from Black Cat Gin who has shared her special memories of being a mum:

"In the distillery we like to keep it low key on Mother's Day as the kids live interstate. It has always been 'no gifts' in our house but there is a non-negotiable expectation that, as adults, they will 'phone it in' and provide a meaningful update of their recent history - successes, near misses, plans and report on their fruit & vegetable intake.

My most treasured memento's of early Mother's Days are the hand written cards from my children, their messages are like hidden windows into their innermost thoughts and feelings. These cards often traveled with me as well used book marks and provided me with much needed comfort and connection when I was away from the family.

One line in particular from my young son always brought a smile to my face - 'whatever magic you do, Mum, please keep doing it.' And thus the term 'Mum magic' became a thing in our house. "

So here's to your special person on Mother's Day - the one who helped you navigate adulthood, travelled the globe, gave you the confidence to develop your business or your career, encouraged you to reach for ever-greater heights, and passed on her diverse set of skills and passions.

Compliment her on how she raised you. Tell her about an area in which she inspired or nurtured you. And if you need to give her a little gift, we'd love to help make it a special one - from our family to yours xx


Here are some of our favourites you can find in-store, or gift a voucher for her to spend as she wishes:

A bottle of gin from Diane of Black Cat Gin - four delicious blends to choose from

A beautiful handcrafted silver pendant from Claire of Soul Dust Metals

A gorgeous Candle from Mel of Nomad Candle Co.

A fabulous leather purse from Carol of Sunshine Barossa 

and so much more, plus special cookies from Emma of Em's Cookie Jar!

There are so many women in our lives who have inspired us, encouraged us and brought out the best in us. Today we would like to celebrate all those mothers who have made such a difference in our lives.

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