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Article: For the buddies & our cheerleaders

For the buddies & our cheerleaders Makers & Merchants Barossa
Father's Day

For the buddies & our cheerleaders

It's that time of year where we acknowledge all the special men in our lives; a father, husband, brother, grandfather, son or friend — this day is about them.

Whether they're a father-figure, the best pub buddy you've ever had, or the one who taught you to be fearless in achieving your dreams — I hope your loved ones know just how special and unique they are.

Gifts for Him

As a gift for all those 'special' men in our lives — as well as thank you for making life what it is today — we've curated some incredible Barossa gift packs for you - with local & Australia-wide delivery. We've got some fabulous cookies that have been made just for him from Em's Cookie Jar  this year!

Gifts for him really are great - it's just so easy to go wrong! In the age of gift cards and e-vouchers (which are super handy by the way!) it's also nice to take a moment and consider the gift recipient and what they like to do.

 Father's Day gift ideas

Celebrate what he loves to do!

Does he love taking a moment with his morning coffee every day?

Is there a favourite armchair that cuddles him with a glass of red from Ben Murray Wines on a Saturday night?

Does he need a bit of interior decorating for his office like a piece of original artwork from Anthea Louise?

Or is he keen to get out more, to be more active - so could a picnic be on the cards once the weather fines up? In that case a Tasmanian Oak serving board or Recylcled Scottish Tartan blanket from Barossa Supply Co is just the thing!

Paired with some gourmet treats from Chocolate by Peter M, and it's a great gift to show him you care!

It's a celebration of the special men in our lives — dad, husband, uncle, brother and son — who have shaped us into who we are today. We especially remember and cherish the memories of those who aren't with us, but have made an impact on our lives.

 Dan Ben Murray Wines

Recently we were able to chat with Dan, winemaker at Ben Murray Wines, about what being a dad means to him.

“It's the best job I've ever's been the most rewarding and to have three amazing humans following your steps is scary but rewarding.”

Dan Eggleton | Winemaker / Dad | Ben Murray Wines

OK, spill the beans...who's the messiest out of your three kids?
Thomas the eldest is easily the messiest but I can say that because he doesn't live at home anymore!

What's the best gift you've ever received for Father's Day?

The best present I've ever got from my kids on Fathers Day has been big sloppy hugs!  

Thanks for sharing Dan!!

 Gift Ideas for him

Discover more ideas here for a gift that he'll appreciate long after the day is finished.
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