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Article: Daily inspiration in flowers and nature

Daily inspiration in flowers and nature
meet the maker

Daily inspiration in flowers and nature

Discover the inspiring art of Anne Clarke, a Barossa artist with a deep appreciation for nature. 

Here's a little more about Anne's artistic process and what inspires her art.

From a young age, Anne has been fascinated by flowers and finds joy in walking among nature and listening to bird songs.

Her works often feature everyday objects from around her home, reflecting her personal connection to them.

Anne Clarke - Barossa artist

Using Lino tiles, ink, and watercolor, Anne creates a unique combination of solid lines and soft transparency that highlights the importance of space and the unpredictability of the craft.


Anne, what inspires your artwork?

“My designs are inspired by nature and the everyday objects around me. I find inspiration in flowers, bird songs, and walking in nature. I also draw inspiration from the commonplace objects in my home, such as vases and gifts that remind me of someone or a place in time"

Anne Clarke | Artist

Anne Clarke Barossa artist and her inspiration

What materials do you use in your art?

“I print from nature using Lino tiles, ink, and watercolor. I love the contrast of the solid line of Lino cut with the soft transparency of watercolor. I believe that the space unprinted is just as important as the printed, and so I love the rawness and unpredictability of the craft, medium, and tools that I use."

Linocut tiles for Anne Clarke artist orignals

Can you tell us a little more about this piece in your Dinner Series - Summer Catch?

“Summer Catch is a mix of linocut and printing from nature. During the Summer holidays I go garfishing on Yorke Peninsula with my friend Sally; it’s one of my favourite eating fish."

anne clarke artist barossa

What would perfectly complement your artwork from the Makers & Merchants Barossa collective? 

“One of my beautiful pieces of original artwork finished in a premium Tasmanian Oak Frame would be perfect in a cosy reading nook alongside a Nomad Candle Co x Salty Aura collection candle, with a Barossa Supply Co luxe blanket wrap on my knee!" 

Anne Clarke painting of garfish
Shop Anne's beautiful range of original artworks - and discover in person for yourself - in our Tanunda pop-up store 1/56 Murray Street, Tanunda or shop online - local delivery and Australia wide shipping available.

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