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Article: Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature Makers & Merchants Barossa
Meet the Maker

Inspired by Nature

We asked two of our makers & merchants to share their favourite pieces for this Spring 2022 season. We also find out a little more about what drives the small batch brands, Barossa Supply Co. and Anthea Louise. 

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Barossa Supply Co. has taken favourite Scottish tartan prints and updated with a modern twist - perfect for springtime picnics! Each recycled Scottish tartan blanket is made from premium materials, in small batches to ensure that you are getting a luxury item at an affordable price.

What makes Recycled Wool products more sustainable?

Recycled wool is made using recycled wool garments and offcuts. The fibres are separated into colour groups and are re-spun to form the new recycled wool yarn. This yarn is then woven into a dense twill and the fibres are brushed, forming the finished blanket. Recycled wool blankets may differ slightly in colour and design. Recycled wool is eco-friendly, biodegradable and better for the environment. 

What's your favourite piece this season?

This season we love the fresh colours in our tartan blankets and wraps. Our favouite colour is Buchanan Antique. We love the nature inspired colours in this tartan wrap and think it compliments many outfits. Perfectly paired with a Barossa Supply Co. Beanie or a hand and body lotion to make a perfect gift.

Tartan Blanket Wrap
The Barossa is a great place to live and visit - where do you like to take friends when they visit? 

“Our favourite place to take visitors for a great day out is the picturesque Seppeltsfield, with a coffee first from Darlings Cafe in Tanunda! If we have time, we love the scenic drive to Parson’s lookout and the Mt Crawford Forest.”

Libby | Founder / Creator | Barossa Supply Co.

What inspires your creativity? 

Nature and my environment is my inspiration for every piece of art I create. My aim is to bring you a piece that feels like a journey - where the artist has created bits and pieces or taken snapshots of life along the way. It's about feeling the vibrations of nature & life through my wearable art.

Anthea Louise | Artist | Anthea Louise

What are the three values your personal & artwork brand lives by?

1. Colour

2. Texture

3. Nature

What's your statement piece for this season?

Discover these new pastels, purples and pinks in my latest Reversible Head Wraps. Inspired by nature and my commitment to sustainable artwork, each piece is a one-of-a-kind exclusive, hand made with love using only art by Anthea Louise.

How do you wear a head wrap?

These are such a versatile accessory; they can be twisted, tied to the side or ontop of your head, turned upside down to reveal an alternate design - there are limitless opportunities to showcase these exclusive individual pieces. Full head size wraps are also available.

An all weather option and perfect as a statement accessory and a must for your travel wardrobe - perfect to pair with a Fibre Fantastic Bracelet!


Fibre Fantastic Bracelet


Each piece is hand-made with love using artwork by Anthea. Any piece is a perfect gift for a lover of all things artistic, homely or outdoorsy.

Thanks so much for sharing Anthea Louise & Barossa Supply Co. - these are fabulous, stylish and quality pieces to add a special touch to our lives this Spring!

Discover more of their range online here.


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