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Article: New Year...New Focus

New Year...New Focus Makers & Merchants Barossa

New Year...New Focus

There's something about starting afresh in the New Year. 

Not that you can't decide to change focus or start a new path any other time...we seem to feel more inspired to do it from the 1st January! Whether it be to clean out the pantry and kids rooms ready for the start of the school year, a new healthy habit to adopt or to make a career change.

Truth is, it's always a good time to try something to improve or better ourselves or to make a change for our own happiness and health. Because we only have one life, let's make it a good one.

Here's a few snippets of what our team, makers & merchants are proud of in 2021 and are looking forward to in the year ahead; we hope this inspires you in your quest for a prosperous 2022!

Ben Murray Wines Barossa winemaker

Dan Eggleton, Winemaker Ben Murray Wines; what was 2021 like for your brand?

'I'm most proud of achieving growth in the toughest year. We hand crushed nearly 30 tonnes of fruit, bottled and it's now on the shelves! Also to settle on our own patch of land to call Ben Murray Wines home, all in a year where not only Covid hit hard but my personal health took a hammering. Thanks to our families and close friends for their support.'

 What does 2022 hold in store for Ben Murray Wines?

'In the New Year we are working hard towards building our own winery for the 2022 Vintage; our own space after many years of moving around. Creating a cohab winemaking community of like minded people who want to work together to make great wine in a cool place.'

What will you be drinking to see in the New Year?

'Icy cold beer, Eden Valley Riesling, Tasmanian sparkling, maybe a cheeky cocktail or two! We're drinking to Ben Murray Wines being bigger and better in 2022, Dan will be healthier and hopefully the world will get sorted!'


Anthea Louise artwork jewellery Barossa Tanunda Shopping

Anthea Piszczuk, Creator & Artist Anthea Louise; what was 2021 like for your brand?

'I am proud of maintaining the individuality of my product - it is so unique. I also am proud of my painting style evolution ..seeing increased sales and reception has been fabulous.'

 What does 2022 hold in store for Anthea Louise?

'I will keep my product exclusive as per my motto 'I believe everyone deserves to own an original artwork' and hopefully add to it. I am constantly inspired to do more, by my surroundings and the people I meet - who knows what will be created next!'

What will you be drinking to see in the New Year?

'I could be drinking anything!!! Although I think I will start with bubbles.. but I will be doing it quietly at home with the fur kids!'

Makers & Merchants Barossa Tanunda Shopping Destination

Bec, our hardworking Team Member & business partner; what are you most proud of in 2021?

'I am proud of how in spite of the border restrictions for most of the year, we have been able to provide a space in-store and online for over 20 Barossa brands to be seen and purchased. We have worked hard to promote our wine and gin brands online while waiting over 12 months for our liquor licence in-store, which will be a big change for us in the New Year. We've also welcomed a new little team member, Audrey - so having Shelley pregnant throughout the year has meant the team has really stepped up to take on more responsibility and done a fabulous job as a group.'

 What excites you about 2022?

'Border restrictions easing means more visitors to our region, working with our members to grow their businesses, welcoming new & exciting brands to share online and in store, tastings events for our boutique wine and gins, and growing our reach interstate - we love to share the Barossa.'

A heartfelt thank you to all our Makers, Merchants, customers and our wonderful team who share these brands with passion and love. In these difficult times of Covid - particularly this past month, we wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year as we head into 2022. Looking forward to seeing you in our Tanunda store soon.

xx Shelley & team

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