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Article: SALA - A vibrant showcase of talent

SALA - A vibrant showcase of talent

SALA - A vibrant showcase of talent

Celebrating South Australian Living Artists: A Vibrant Showcase of Talent at SALA Festival

A burst of creativity

As August unfolds, a burst of creativity and inspiration sweeps across South Australia with the much-anticipated SALA Festival - South Australian Living Artists. This annual event brings together a dynamic lineup of local artists, paired with supportive and complementary exhibition sites to captivate their audience. 

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This experience of getting closer to the artists means you can more deeply appreciate their unique talents, understand their stories and the emotions weaved into each creation. We're thrilled for this vibrant lineup of events and exhibitions showcasing the incredible talents within our collective this August!

Discover sustainable art and watercolours from Anthea Piszczuk of Anthea Louise, intricate lino prints from Avy Loves Lino Print by Avylon Magarey and repurposed textile masterpieces by Catherine Summers and her brand Fibrebird Studio. The SALA Festival promises a month-long immersion into the world of artistic brilliance.

ANthea Louise Barossa artist, Makers & Merchants Barossa collective
Anthea Louise: Sustainable Artistry in Every Stroke

Experience Anthea Piszczuk of Anthea Louise, with her extraordinary and sustainable artistry - whether it be her handmade and reclaimed jewellery to her gorgeous watercolours. Through various mediums, she brings intricate patterns and textures to life with vibrant colour. Own a piece of original artwork from her affordable 'Wearable Art' range.

Catch her exhibitions at:

Avylon Magarey, Barossa linoprint artist

Avylon Magarey :  Hand-carving stories in linoprinting

Step into the world of Avylon Magarey, where lino prints become intricate narratives. Avylon's captivating prints through her brand Avy Loves Lino Print have graced local galleries and her passion for her craft shines through every piece. Balancing her role as a high school teacher and a devoted mother, Avylon actively engages with the community through pop-up stalls, art exhibitions, and collaborations. Her prints are a testament to the power of storytelling through art, with beautiful and whimsical details.

Don't miss her exhibitions at:

Catherine Summers, Fibrebird Studio Barossa artist

Catherine Summers : Repurposing beauty at Fibrebird Studio

Discover the enchanting world of Catherine Summers at Fibrebird Studio, where discarded materials such as textiles and paper find new life as exquisite art pieces and journals. With nearly three decades of experience in quilting and sewing with textiles, Catherine has mastered the art of transforming old books, paper, and fabrics into stunning works of art. Her passion for sustainability and creativity shines as she breathes new life into forgotten materials.

Find her exhibitions at:

Embrace - Celebrate - Connect : A community of creatives

As the SALA Festival unfolds, it offers a unique opportunity to connect with these exceptional artists and immerse yourself in their world of creativity. The events and exhibitions serve as a celebration of the local talent within the community, bridging the gap between artists and art enthusiasts. 

Make sure you support these passionate and creative homegrown artists - and find pieces that speak to you and can ignite your own passion and appreciation for the world of art.

See you there!


Home Artwork from Barossa artists, SALA

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