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Who Is Ben Murray Wines?

Here's your opportunity to taste with the Winemaker in the comfort of your own home - to celebrate Ben Murray Wines' 2021 Aromatics Launch. These micro producers like Ben Murray Wines are responding to a growing demand for wines that reflect the terroir, or soil type, from which they were made. Most significantly, this new generation is responding to the fact that consumers want more than just another bottle of wine. They want wines that are made with passion, they want wines made with honesty and they want something unique.

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WELCOMING BAROSSA BODY TO MAKERS & MERCHANTS If you’ve visited us in store or online in the past few months, you would have seen the fantastic range of handcrafted natural skincare on our shelves. Made right here in the Barossa, Barossa Body is created by the fabulous Narelle Lane. We thought it was about time we gave Narelle the chance to share the story behind the Barossa’s newest skincare brand. “2021 is going to be HUGE for me – I’m working on a new product line and extensions on the current Barossa Body range.” WHAT HAVE YOU ENJOYED MOST ABOUT BEING A PART OF MAKERS & MERCHANTS? I’ve enjoyed being part of an exciting new business in the region. It’s a wonderful...

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