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Accessorise with these fashionable items curated here in the Barossa


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Elevate your everyday routine with handmade treasures from Makers & Merchants Barossa. Discover jewellery, accessories, beauty items and more that celebrate the beauty of regional craftsmanship. Treat yourself to something special today.

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Fibre Fantastic Bracelet Anthea Louise GoldMulti Makers & Merchants BarossaFibre Fantastic Bracelet Anthea Louise RoseGoldPurple Makers & Merchants Barossa
Reversible Head Wrap Anthea Louise  Makers & Merchants BarossaReversible Head Wrap Anthea Louise  Makers & Merchants Barossa

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SALA - A vibrant showcase of talent

SALA - A vibrant showcase of talent

Celebrating South Australian Living Artists: A Vibrant Showcase of Talent at SALA Festival A burst of creativity As August unfolds, a burst of creativity and inspiration sweeps across South Austral...

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The heartwarming tale of La Bella Luce
Meet the Maker

The heartwarming tale of La Bella Luce

Discover the heartwarming journey of La Bella Luce, a boutique brand handcrafted with love in the enchanting Barossa region. Embrace captivating aromas, thanks to Lynette's passion for creating exq...

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Barossa Nourish Muesli Artisan Blend
Meet the Maker

Small batch muesli with a big heart

We are thrilled to introduce you to Barossa Nourish Muesli, a brand that embodies the essence of wholesome and delicious breakfast choices. Created with love and care by Tessa, a passionate artisan...

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