Barossa Belle

to be worn with passion...

 Barossa Belle clothing

The name Barossa Belle is inspired by Julie’s desire to share the beauty and diversity of the Barossa region with others, while reflecting her personal style and artistic expression.

Handmade fashion from the Barossa Valley: Julie of Barossa Belle has been sewing since she was seven, designing and creating for her dolls. After studying Fashion Design and a varied career, her passion has now led her to creating one of kind, high quality, locally handmade: comfortable yet unique is her style.

Julie wants her customers to feel as though they are wearing something unique and special. With her delicately crafted pendants and earrings, Barossa Belle has an incredible array of lusciously feminine pieces. This isn't just jewellery for special occasions - it's one-of-a-kind fashion that can be worn every day with happiness!