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Barossa handmade stoneware


handcrafted stoneware with the handprint of the maker



Kate Jenkins, is the talented potter behind 'Katespots' pottery studio, located in the northern region of the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

Utilising locally sourced clay, Kate skillfully crafts her distinctive reduction-fired stoneware using a kick wheel and a gas-fired kiln.

Inspired by the aesthetics of British Studio Pottery and traditional Japanese ceramics, Kate has developed her own unique range of designs and glazes. Her pieces reflect a fusion of these influences, resulting in a harmonious blend of artistic styles.

Each meticulously handcrafted item carries the essence of the maker, fostering a profound connection between the user and the creator.

Located in the heart of South Australia, Kate's pottery studio stands as a testament to her commitment to the region's artistic heritage and the use of locally sourced materials.
Through her passion and skill, she contributes to the vibrant community of quality artisan creatives that make the Barossa Valley a hub of artistic expression and cultural richness.

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Handmade Stoneware - Mug Katespots  Makers & Merchants BarossaHandmade Stoneware - Mug Katespots  Makers & Merchants Barossa
Handmade Stoneware - Creamer Katespots WhiteOatmeal Makers & Merchants BarossaHandmade Stoneware - Creamer Katespots  Makers & Merchants Barossa
Saltbush TeapotHandmade Stoneware - Teapot Katespots  Makers & Merchants Barossa
Sold outHandmade Stoneware - Salt Dish Katespots OatmealFluted Makers & Merchants BarossaHandmade Stoneware - Salt Dish Katespots Blue Makers & Merchants Barossa

the home of Katespots


Welcome to the Barossa, a place that encapsulates the essence of South Australia and serves as both our home and inspiration for our collective.

The Barossa community acknowledges and pays respect to the Ngadjuri, Peramangk and Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Barossa and Adelaide Hills region.

In the 19th century, German and English pioneers planted the first vineyards and laid the foundation for the region's viticultural legacy. Today, the Barossa stands as one of Australia's most renowned wine regions - beyond this, the Barossa is a hub of artistic expression and creativity.

The region is home to a diverse community of talented artisans, from painters and sculptors to chefs and musicians. They draw inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, and vibrant cultural heritage that define the Barossa.

The Barossa isn't just a place—inspires us to create amazing experiences, products, and memories. We're here to share the magic of this incredible region with you.

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