2021 Aromatics Trio
2021 Aromatics Trio
2021 Aromatics Trio
2021 Aromatics Trio

Ben Murray Wines

2021 Aromatics Trio

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2021 Ben Murray Wines Aromatics 3 Pack

A perfect way to discover the newly released 2021 Aromatics white wine range from Ben Murray Wines in this limited edition 3 pack.

Who is Ben Murray Wines?

In truth, Ben Murray is not one person, but two very passionate wine lovers who dreamed of one day crafting premium small-batch wines with elegance and texture. Ben Murray makes the wines you want to be drinking, and who you wish you were drinking it with. Expressive Barossa and Eden Valley wines, made to be enjoyed.


1 x 2021 Eden Valley 'Sapidity'

An unusual and new wine for Ben Murray Wines - Sapidity - whose true definition is as 'a pleasant and appetising flavour'. Sounds good to us! When thrown the challenge of making a wine from varietals not entirely within the expected realm of Ben Murray, winemaker Dan went a little left field...and Adriatic!

1 x 2021 1930 Old Vine Eden Valley Riesling

A beautiful elegant Old Vine 1930 planted Eden Valley Riesling. These wines are all made from grapes grown either by Ben Murray Wines, or by people who are special to winemaker Dan and marketer Craig.

1 x 2021 Barossa Valley Rose

We couldn’t resist. Ben Murray admits to having a soft spot for Rosé….produced using Old Vine Grenache and Pedro Ximenes grapes, basket pressed and vegan friendly. Fresh and bright, ready for Summer.