Aubrey Gin Blend
Aubrey Gin Blend
Aubrey Gin Blend

Black Cat Gin

Aubrey Gin Blend

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Enjoy the charm of the sloe berries as they disentangle from the lively botanicals in this elegant dry gin. Pair with a Citrus + Blood Orange Combo garnish from Dry Orchard

Serving suggestion

Keep it simple with tonic and slice of your favourite citrus - lemon, lime or grapefruit.

Tasting notes

  • A challenge to the nose, in a positive manner. Well put together with fresh and lively botanicals, not overbearing and has a broad background of sloe/juniper.
  • Flavour profile seems to spread slowly over the palate and has an intriguing fullness with a complex, seamless finish.
  • Very slow to diminish, the botanicals slowly unwind and deconstruct themselves and can reveal themselves with patience.