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Barossa Cookie Mix

Cookie mixes make excellent gifts - unique and full of creative possibilities!

Amy from Spoon & Spatula has created a Barossa range which includes Apricot, Almond & Coconut or Hot Chocolate.

Waechter's Farm Product in Light Pass provides apricots, with Chocolate by Peter M in Angaston supplying the chocolate. Very Barossa!

Recipe cards included, so recipients can add wet ingredients (butter, egg and vanilla) and bake their own cookies.


Barossa Cookie Mix
Barossa Cookie Mix SAVE$10.00


Spoon & Spatula

Spoon & Spatula follows the inspiring story of Amy's love for baking which led her to establish her well-loved brand of personalised biscuits.
Amy's creations quickly became beloved in the Barossa community as a regular at the Barossa Farmer's Market, and reached customers as far as Singapore and New Zealand!

With each biscuit, she showcases her creativity and turns ordinary ingredients into edible art. Amy's entrepreneurial spirit drives her to expand her reach, bringing joy to more celebrations and involves others with hosted workshops and DIY cookie kits.

Spoon & Spatula stands as a testament to passion, dedication, and the happiness found in a homemade biscuit.

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