Buffalo Hide Apron
Buffalo Hide Apron
Buffalo Hide Apron
Buffalo Hide Apron

Sunshine Barossa Australia

Buffalo Hide Apron

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After crafting many custom leather aprons for blacksmiths, jewellers, knife makers and chefs, Sunshine Barossa Australia has designed this extremely strong buffalo hide apron - it is perfect for blacksmiths, and any heavy workshop needs using hot implements and robust tools - including serious BBQing!

The leather is very firm and will need to be worn in but will be around for a seriously long time if looked after. The strap formation will fit the largest of men or women with ease and be a special item to use around the house.


Antique Brass metal fittings

Clip-on 3cm wide adjustable shoulder straps 

1.5m wide long waist strap 


The bib part of the apron 29cm wide (top)

The body part of the apron 68-69cm wide

Buffalo Hide Length 82.5cm