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Fibre Fantastic Sterling Ear Drop

Fibre Fantastic was created by Anthea Louise to replicate the delicateness of the scarves that she creates - andnow you can enjoy in these gorgeous earrings.

The painting is just 10mm diameter and overall drop is just over 2cm – A perfect gift and a popular choice! Choose between variations of fibre paintings by Anthea Louise.

Dimensions: 2 × 1.2 × 1.5 cm

Care instructions: Buff with soft cloth as required.

Fibre Fantastic Sterling Ear Drop Anthea Louise  Makers & Merchants Barossa
Fibre Fantastic Sterling Ear Drop SAVE$28.00


Anthea Louise

Anthea Louise is a creative force known for her sustainable and wearable art.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns and textures of her surroundings, Anthea captures these elements digitally and in her memory, recreating them in her work.

Using fibre, paint, pastels, ink, and collage, she creates art that delights in colour, texture, and simplicity.

Anthea's ongoing passion lies in her affordable 'Wearable Art' range, as she believes that everyone deserves to own an original artwork.

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