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Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate

Chocolate coated bars with a soft creamy truffle centre

'Delicious roasted Tasmanian hazelnuts from the Tamar Valley, smothered in coconut chocolate. Crafted from raw Pacific Island cacao beans, sourced directly from small lot farmers'
-- Peter Menger // Chocolate Maker
50g Chocolate Bar for one

vegan - dairy free - gluten free
Ingredients: hazelnuts (40%), cacao liquor, cacao butter, coconut cream, panela sugar, coconut butter, dextrose, vanilla extract


Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate Chocolate by Peter M DefaultTitle Makers & Merchants Barossa
Hazelnut Crunch Chocolate SAVE$5.00


Chocolate by Peter M

Peter Mengler, a chocolate maker with 20 years of experience, combines his passion for food and wine with the art of chocolate-making. Inspired by his home in the Barossa Valley, Peter's range focuses on single origin cacao and locally sourced ingredients.

The pursuit of new flavours is endless, with the incorporation of indigenous nuts, fruits, and spices. Local wines, gins and botanicals also feature. Each bar is carefully handcrafted in small batches, using the finest ingredients, resulting in a delectable chocolate experience.

With a commitment to quality, Peter offers dairy-free, sugar-free, and vegan options.

Embracing simplicity, his enrobed truffle bars are wrapped in minimalist packaging, allowing the flavours to take center stage. Indulge in Peter's creations and savour the finest chocolate moments.

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