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Lemon Myrtle Aromatic Room Spray

Experience maximum bliss with this captivating and fresh room spray from La Bella Luce.

Transform any room into a magical retreat as this enchanting scent refreshes the air with the irresistible aromas of Lemon Myrtle.


Each room spray is individually packaged with a beautiful calico bag



La Bella Luce

Introducing La Bella Luce, a boutique brand brought to life by Lynette Ferraro in the beautiful Barossa region. As a sole trader, Lynette's journey began with her husband's passion for burning candles and the gentle persuasion of supportive friends.

This led her to create a range of exquisite products that captivate the senses. Through extensive testing and experimentation with various waxes, fragrances, and now essential oils, La Bella Luce offers room sprays and candles that fill your space with a captivating aroma.

With longevity, strength, and exceptional projection, these candles create an enchanting ambiance. Lynette's vision for her collection is to curate beautiful fragrances for her loyal customers, making La Bella Luce a brand that cherishes the joy her products bring.

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