Monstera Gin Blend
Monstera Gin Blend
Monstera Gin Blend

Black Cat Gin

Monstera Gin Blend

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For ‘drinking outside the square’ this blend tips its hat to the legendary OUZO. An ideal aperitif – crafted to revive the mood and palate. Pair with a Citrus Combo garnish from Dry Orchard

Serving suggestion

Purists will enjoy this super-chilled and served neat. For the rest of us, Monstera is crying out for fresh mint and your favourite mixer.

Tasting notes

  • A bold nose of black liquorice with hints of juniper. Initially echoed by the palate, this transforms gently into sweet, woody star anise. As the anise devolves, cardamom and coriander make their entrance, sit and linger.
  • Finish is wonderfully long, full and mouth-watering.
  • A well-crafted gin with great botanical ratios, ideal for promoting contemplation.