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Relax Luxury Bath Soak

This hand crafted luxury bath soak by local Pure Scent Co combines natural oils, salts, and botanicals for a calming, refreshing experience.

Relax bath soak blends rose petals, rose buds, lavender, magnesium flakes, frankincense & bergamot oil to create a calming, romantic experience. Great for self-care or for sharing with a partner.


Directions for use: Pour a warm bath deep enough to immerse the body. Remove botanicals and empty flakes into the bath whilst the water is still running. Finish by adding botanicals to the bath. Alternatively, for a warm foot soak, add a desired amount to create a relaxing foot soak. *Please note product may mix slightly when shipped.


Relax Luxury Bath Soak
Relax Luxury Bath Soak SAVE$13.00


Pure Scent Co

Meet Pure Scent Co, a family venture right here in the Barossa region. It all started when a mother and her teenage daughter team decided they could create something amazing together. They're all about natural, locally-sourced products that make you feel and smell fantastic.

Pure Scent Co brings you a mix of scents, colours, and textures that'll soothe, relax, and lift your spirits. Everything they make is 100% natural - plus, they're big on supporting local businesses by sourcing their stuff right here in South Australia.

This dynamic mother-daughter duo isn't just in the product game – they're on a journey of love, inspiration, and making people feel special. With the Makers & Merchants Collective by their side, they're ready to grow and spread their love-infused creations to more happy customers.

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