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Satin Hair Cloud 

With luxurious satin from Pure Scent Co make your next 'bad hair day' a distant memory.

These soft, luxe Satin Hair Cloud scrunchies provide less headache, pulling, and breakage - making them the perfect addition to a calming soak in the bath or for everyday wear.

Suitable for any hair type, and ready to make a statement.

One size

Material: Satin


Satin Hair Cloud
Satin Hair Cloud SAVE$5.00


Pure Scent Co

Meet Pure Scent Co, a family venture right here in the Barossa region. It all started when a mother and her teenage daughter team decided they could create something amazing together. They're all about natural, locally-sourced products that make you feel and smell fantastic.

Pure Scent Co brings you a mix of scents, colours, and textures that'll soothe, relax, and lift your spirits. Everything they make is 100% natural - plus, they're big on supporting local businesses by sourcing their stuff right here in South Australia.

This dynamic mother-daughter duo isn't just in the product game – they're on a journey of love, inspiration, and making people feel special. With the Makers & Merchants Collective by their side, they're ready to grow and spread their love-infused creations to more happy customers.

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