Yoga Mat / Picnic Rug Leather Carry Strap
Yoga Mat / Picnic Rug Leather Carry Strap

Sunshine Barossa Australia

Yoga Mat / Picnic Rug Leather Carry Strap

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This simple yet practical Yoga Mat/Picnic Rug Leather Strap offers an easy way to carry your yoga mat to and from class or to transport your picnic rug to your next adventure leaving your hands free for the picnic basket!

Crafted from supple high-quality leather these carry straps are both strong and beautiful. Featuring two antique brass adjustable sliders to accommodate a range of mat/rug sizes, you'll be the envy of your fellow yogis when you walk into class with your Sunshine Barossa Yoga Mat/Picnic Rug Leather Strap over your shoulder. 

*NOTE- Mat/Rug not included with this product, leather strap only



Double thickness soft yet strong leather stitched together

Sunshine Barossa logo stitched and rivetted on the front of the strap


27.5 width across the two straps holding them together

104cm x 2.5 cm for over shoulder/ across body

2 adjustable leather straps with antique brass sliders,  48cm x 2.5cm for holding different sized yoga mats/picnic rug

Disclosure for all leather products:

Here at Sunshine Barossa Australia, we seek to celebrate what nature has created. Please remember when purchasing this Sunshine Barossa product that your piece is made from natural hide and there may be slight differences between the product pictured and the product you receive as no two natural hides are the same. There may be slight variations in appearance, colour, tone, markings and pattern. There may also be small lines (scars) or other markings on a natural hide. These variations are not faults or defects, they are a part of the unique charm of a natural hide product.